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Shams Al-Riyadh was founded by the late prince Abdullah Khaled bin Abdullah Al Saudi. Since Shams Al-Riyadh's Launch, the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia has gone through a rapid expansion and development.

Shams Al-Riyadh was founded in 1988 as a company employing two people. Since then, it has gained a strong market position through our hard work and reliability. Initially a small distributor of a few renowned manufacturers, now a dynamic medium- size company with over 70 employees professional in the fields of healthcare services.

Today, Shams Al-Riyadh distributes many different product lines of renowned international manufacturers in the field of hospitals supplies, medical equipment, as well as medical operation and biomedical maintenance services. Shams Al-Riyadh Operation and hospital biomedical maintenance departments are renowned for its prestigious contracts of primary institutions in governmental sector.

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